On 27 in the Bagariya region, participation in World Tourism Day and the Conference of the Directors and ministers of Tourism of the States, the seventh version was shared an integrated exhibition of the Red Sea state and participation in the festival night in the exhibition of light and sound in the region of the pyramids of the Caucasus, where History of the Kingdom of El-Bared and the presence of the Federal Minister of Tourism, the deputy and the state of the Nile and his government, and the two conferences, 18 ministers of State and representatives from the private sector and the Secretary-General of the National Archaeology Authority, as well as the opening of the( Ridan tourist village)
On 28, the camel race was from Shandy, the opening of the cultural exhibit at the University of Shendi, the events of the Forum directors and ministers of Tourism, the submission of reports and papers, and the recommendations to resolve the obstacles to tourism work in the Sudan