About the state of the red Sea

Name :state of the red Sea


Language: Arabic

Location :located in the north –east of the sundanby  liner  width of 22-22 degree north and linear 35 – degree eastward


Natural geography: the most important phenomena are the red sea hills400-800 feet above the sea parallel to the coast of this length650km

Climate: semi – arid desert climate in winter with high humidity .the summer season runs from june to September

Population :Beja are indigenousepeople to the Sudan east

Climate: A winter rainy desert climate with high humidity, summer stretches from juneto September

Population: Baja are the indigenous people of Eastern Sudan and there are other groups from different parts of the Sudan

Population: (1396110 inhabitants). According to the fifth population census (2008)

Economy: A predominantly port-based economy, with grazing, agriculture, fishing, trade and clearance

Transport: Joey-Barre – Sea

Localities of the state: Port Sudan-Suken-Senkat – Rustic hemp and tattoos – Lille – Derdeep – Halaib – The metal-toker – Garnet

Main cities

 Port: State capital, main port of the country

-Other: Part of the history of the Sudan, the port of the passenger ships

-Arquette: A temperate climate of the year, with different types of plants, birds and irrigation, with a tomb (tomb) of Prince Osman Barchin

 Snkat: Moderate climate, famous for religious tourism. Where there is a tomb of St. Mary

 Opal: Historic area, with Ibn Abbas Island

Tuker: Agricultural area. By Delta and Pool Creek

In addition to: Halaib,

Tourism Fundamentals

The Red Sea state is the best in terms of resources and attractions, it is characterized by a diversity of 650 km of coastline of the total length of the Red Sea coast (2100 km) and of the number of bays and meandering, the actual length is 750 km. The coast of the sea is characterized by two main features

 The presence of the coastal bays, which are called anchors, and in some areas the moorings are marine protected bays spanning several miles

_ The spread of coral reefs

The Red Sea features many unique features that make it one of the world’s most important diving and water sports areas for its transparency high and appropriate temperature in addition to biodiversity and others have made the Red Sea the ideal location for scuba lovers and underwater photography

In addition to the mountain ranges and valleys that contain wildlife rich in different species of animals and birds, add ancient monuments and local heritage… and other features make it the most distinctive aspect of tourism resources