All the magnificence and beauty of nature there.. Mountains, valleys, verdant hills and a queer air fills the lungs with recovery and activity. The city of Port Sudan is approximately 170 km away and 29 kilometers from the Red Sea coast… The Arquet resort or as they call it the East Firdos and its nature is very beautiful weather in summer and it was one of the nicest tourist areas Arquet characterized by rainfall in winter and summer, for this is a fertile site for the growth of different types of trees, the weather is temperate for most of the year, with a temperature of no more than 35 °c, and the winter is cold and has rightly been one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the Sudan. Mountains of each side, with varying heights, have a distinct mountainous area, and one of its mountains rises Neighboring to dam the tomb of the Shrine of Osman daqana Arquette is characterized by its own folk manufactures and the most famous handicrafts are women-manufactured silver, copper and sword manufacturing,

Jebel Alsit Resort-Airquite

A tourist resort in the Red Sea state of Barquet east of Snkat

Featuring a range of hotel rooms and a supermarket, the Jebel al-six resort and hotel apartments are located in the heart of the city of Arquet, which is the first Sudanese resort, a tourist city in the Sea Hills area red in the north-eastern part of the Republic of the Sudan, south-west of Port–29 km from the Red Sea coast–famous for its picturesque beauty and temperate climate throughout the year sees its peaks covered by clouds



Red Sea resort

The first resort offering the idea of ecotourism on the Red Sea coast, the resort is located 27 km north of port Sudan, on the coastal road (port sudan-reigns-Egypt)

The resort has 10 rooms that reflect the beauty and nature of the environment from the Red Sea mountains and seawater rich in coral reefs, different aquatic organisms and the heritage of the region. There are various leisure and recreation sessions and a restaurant rich in Oriental, Western and international cuisine, which is offered in an indoor and outdoor restaurant.

The resort also has a diving center that offers different excursions to the diving and snorkeling venues.


Aors Tourist village

A tourist village about 48 km north of port sudan-reigns-created at the beginning of the last century especially as a staging ground for diving and underwater photography – (diving centre) – with a yacht marina – consists of 15 units serviced by a restaurant, cafeteria and lounge


Heritage Village (Hadab Museum)

The museum is located southwest of Suken city and contains historical collections of different eras for the city of Suken or Oksuk, as it is called by its family in their language and means the market. It is the first museum that represents the heritage of the Red Sea and was established in 1991 by Prof. Muhammad Nurhadap








It is a coral island with a beacon to guide the ships away from Port of port sudan, about 25 kilometers east, and most of the coral reefs and fish, especially sharks, octopus and Delvin, are one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world