The general Department of Tourism and the authority responsible for the tourism activities in its departments, operation, licensing and approval are considered to have the mandate and the arms that are the following

hotel Section*

Supervises, manages, classifies and determines the accommodation of hotels and lodges by grade and there are rated hotels starting with a star even three stars which are coral and the visual Plaza Hotels and a thief and early cooperation and Boyhin in addition to the popular Inn in Port Sudan and the hotels collection

Agencies section*

Department to create, license and operate agencies the agencies have a variety of marine scuba diving agencies (underwater photography), Hajj and Umrah agencies and wildlife tourism agencies working in the areas of temporary release and safari tourism

Hotel Apartments, resorts and lounges*

This section supervises, controls and inspects hotel apartments, tourist resorts, cafes, lounges, monitoring and supervising restaurants or fish market and fish restaurants in the scaffolding

 Promotion section*

The promotional section promotes the state’s tourism product of diving, safari, historical and archaeological areas, escort of tourist delegations and missions, as well as the promotion of the State website

 Statistics and Information section*

It relies on internal and external tourism statistics according apartments to hotel, and resort indicators as well as routine statistics through the state-of-the-tourists agencies