The state of Red Sea

The Red sea coast is consider the most prominting factor tourist attractions red sea state and extends to a length of about 750killometers,and specialists describe as clean and empty coast of environment pollutant and contains many

       .rare resource such as coral reefs ,sharks ,dolphins and ornamental fish,

The region internation knowledge diving places , fishing and pleasure cruises the eastern Sudanese coasts are characterized by purity and clear water along with coral reefs

On the Red Sea coast, stretching from the northern Sudan border with Egypt to the border with Eritrea, there is one of the most beautiful and unique beaches unparalleled in the world in terms of purity and beauty. The region is internationally known as a place of diving, snorkeling, fishing and pleasant cruises. The shores of eastern Sudan have their own water and net waters along with magnificent colored coral reefs

The Red Sea features many unique features that make it one of the most important diving and water sports areas in the world. The high degree of transparency enjoyed by the Red Sea, which could reach 46 metres, offers a comfortable range of vision, less than the other seas. In addition to the variation in temperatures on the surface and at the depths of the diving, it has special pleasure, near Port Sudan’s sea temperature between 26.2 and 30.5 °c. , at a depth of 150 meters, the rate remains between 23.9 and 25.9 degrees. These and other features made the Red Sea the ideal location for scuba lovers and underwater photography of all kinds

The coast of the Sudanese Red Sea, with a length of 650 km of the total length of the sea coast and the number of bays and meandering, has an actual length of 750 km. The Sudanese Red Sea coast has two main features

  The presence of coastal bays, called anchors, and the spread of coral reefs *

 In some areas, moorings are marine protected bays spanning several miles*

Sea water covers coastal plains and crosses the coast. Despite the large amount of sweet water flowing by the separation of the airport in the moorings, coral grows in which coral colonies are formed, ranging in size from tens of metres to several meters

As for the reefs, they are differentiated according to their location and locations, there are the surrounding reefs (FringReefs,) This quality covers the whole except for the Toker Delta in the south, and there are the barrier divisions (Barrier Reefs) which are often separated from the surrounding and coast-ship seas. There is the kind called atolls, which is a colony of the reefs and a good example of this kind Island (Sengineb) and the Roman reefs region

Coral reefs

One of the great features of the Red Sea coral reef and coral, or more precisely its structures, is the essential component of these reefs. It’s an animal and it’s called a polyp. The size of the perimeter is several millimeters and is similar to a bag with six arms and to protect and facilitate its movement, it builds a limestone structure and these tube-shaped structures. Corals usually live in mass colonies, ranging from a few centimeters to several miles. , there are some elements that contribute to the building of the reef of which, for example, a species of marine flora, scientific name (calcareous alae) There are around the reef where many species of fish and worms are living with a  fascinating and attractive image of the reef

Wingate  reefs

I was also named ali wingate Basha this group of reefs is located in front of Port Sudan’s entrance, 2.6 nautical miles east of the entrance (5 km). It is about 7 nautical miles (13 miles) south-west of Singneb, bordered by the South Lighthouse, and south and north of the north, this area, although dangerous, is a waiting area for ships entering the port and is the beginning of the North’s inland waterway parallel to the coast

It means foreign tourists through foreign tourism agencies for two reasons first they contain a unique group of colored reefs the joyful and different marine neighborhoods of the names, clamshell and crustaceans not found in many parts of the world, another reason for tourists ‘ interest is the structure and wreckage of the Italian ship

At the end of the reefs at the south, which is an important historical and military aspect and an attraction of the Second World War during the period of competition for colonies between Italy and Britain (Italy in Ethiopia, Britain, Egypt, Sudan) to put their foothold in the Red Sea Bab al-Mandeb, before entering Italy, the war was carrying a very large number of bombs to Italy’s troops in Eritrea, which was stopped at the site by the British Navy, but only from the captain of Amria, but to drown her so that she would not fall into captivity with her bombs. , some 360,000 bombs remain regularly at the bottom, posing a threat to developing neighbourhoods and coral reefs


umbria is one of the most famous sunken ships in the world .lying in the shelter of wingat reef ,just outside port Sudan  har bor .with plenty of light and good visibility ,entering most of the ship is easy

The hull itself is compietely intact, if heavily encrusted with marine life,and can be explored internally and externally along its entire length

 Shoaab romee

Located to the north of Port Sudan, about 39 nautical Nia and containing a sea-to-the-depths of its pelvis up to 50 meters interspersed with brightly colored and different reefs with a thick for sharks and other colored fish, the Romans are one of the most beautiful dive sites, with a depth of 20 meters in the edge of the cliff to 700 meters in a stunning colorful scenery. Of the best places to explore underwater and have a variety of amazing, interesting and scuba diving, so captain Jacques Cousteau took it as his research center

Kapsola jac Cousteau

It is a capsule dating back to the 1960s, 1964, developed by the Discoverer and renowned marine scientist Jacques Yves Cousteau on Sudanese coastal waters with the intention of studying the forms of life on the sea floor

Reefs Sewde

Located north of Port Sudan, about 50 Niña, a beautiful reefs teeming with different kinds of colored reefs and fish attracted by the reefs and wrecks of the Blue Bell Ship (blue Belt), which are the most important landmarks of the Saudi Arabian reefs and they hit the reefs and drowned a year 1977 she holds a large number of cars and tractors, sank on the edge of the cliff and she was lying on her side. Right for a period of years before you turn upside down and its head is based on a depth of 15 meters while her butt is on a cliff 70 meters deep. And the lovers of diving watch a unique view of a number of Toyota cars in full shape and tires and they are spread around the hull of the Blue ship it is a disaster that has a new and beautiful solution of snails and algae and colored reefs that sleep in and around it the site was globally named after the Taita wreckage (Toyota wreck) and was also recorded in global maps and the site is adored by the lovers of the mackerel who roam within the ship through a port in its side at a depth of 36 metres

Sanganeib Island

An atoll with alight house built in 1906 by the English to guide ships, located approximately 25km  east the port Sudan .the island is infested with coral reefs and fishes especially sharks,octopus and dolphinsThe island is considered to be one of the most beautiful is lands in the world Sanganeb, the only genuine atoll in the Red Sea ,has already reached famouse reputation for under-water beauty since the early day of the scientific exploration of tropicalseas .its outstanding features have received brilliant documentation by various books and films ,among them the late capt coustea and hans hass The water is extremely clear and visibility of up to 46 m has been recorded


The dungonab bay- Mukawwar Island Marine protected area is locate approximately 120km north of port Sudan .it encompasses a section of mainland coast and offshore islands .It was declared a Marine protected Area(MPA)in 2004

The map contains an enormous diversity of habitats, many still in very good conditions, and a diversity of species including populations of several globally threatened or endangered flagship species A number of ecological and socio –economic characteristics of the area mean that the Dungonab bay MAP is of national , regional and international importance for biodiversity conservation , and for sustainable use of living marine resource Seasonal aggregations of what sharks and manta rays that are unque in the entire western Indian ocean region are observed in this MAP

The water of this MAP support import populations of pearl oysters, fish ,and large marine animals such as turtles, and dugongs

Dungonab bay has been famous  for the black –lip mother of pearl oyster pinctada margaritiferaIt has been collected as wild since 1904 and cultivated since 1958

 Diving tourism in Dunnakab

On top of this, the protected is characterized by the existence of multiple dive sites that vary in depth. The most famous of these sites are Champaya and Epinington, the channel Masharev, Arush, Mirlu and others. Bearing in mind that the Red Sea marine dive areas enjoy unparalleled cleanliness and are not found in other diving areas of the world. In addition to the clean sandy beaches, there are a number of mangrove forests where they are gaining importance as home to many marine and small fish and birds. In addition there are a number of beautiful natural bays and anchors such as the Khor ugly AB and Wankeval.The head of Dunnakab is called the southern twinkling locally with the head of the Hadraba or the devil relative to the strong winds that make it difficult with coastal navigation, starting at the head of Dunnakab, is changing the coast to the northwest, a peninsula stretching about 30 kilometers with a width of about 8 kilometers and the head of Dennab is the nearest point to Jeddah Saudi Arabia, which is only about 103 miles/nautical. Sitting in Dunnab and looking toward the east sees the glow of the city of Jeddah Orange at night in the cloudless pure sky

Marsa SeLK

located is North of a bride within an area where coastal marine navigation is difficult because there are many shallow areas, coral reefs and an archipelago of small coral and sandy islands extended and scattered in an unscanned area (unsurveyed area) This region is known for its abundance of marine fish species, especially the Neal and crustal names of the people

Teyla Island Archipelago

The Teyla archipelago is made up of several coral reefs and sandy islands close to the barren coast, where the Red Sea mountain ranges from the coast and the island of Teyla is the largest island of this arid archipelago frequented by seabirds in she dumped her south. Maritime navigation through the islands of the archipelago is possible, and Teyla Ali is located 1.5 km from the coast, and generally this archipelago is a natural extension of the maritime area around Marsa-wire

Mukawwar /Makfee Island

The island’s largest marine islands is the Sudanese waters, stretching along the nearby coast, which away about8km

 is a mountainous island with a very small population living on fishing and on the island a freshwater well and a number of wild goats, the island’s length is about 6.3 m/sea (11.5 km) and is approximately 1.7 m/nautical (3 km) in width. The east of the island is located on Mt. (Mettepe) after 3.6 m/nautical, a settlement for many species of marine snakes and birds

reefs Angarosh

Located to the east of the island of makoor and Mt. Mittepe, the famous Angarosh, a magnificent, 8.8 miles away. A Marine from the North makoor. These islands are known for their coral reefs and come with tourists from the diving lovers. (scuba diving) from Europe to watch this treasure that the majority of the Sudanese people have unheard of and generally considered to be the area of the island of makoor and around it from islands and reefs, all of which extend to the head of Dunnakab, is a neglected and unknown tourist treasure, while many lovers know about it. Marine tourism in the European West, especially those who adore coral reefs and love the warm seas which is a treasure that is invested with knowledge and experience that is not a treasure

Wind Island

It was also named for the constant, strong winds blowing from the sea towards the head of the Devil (Head of Hadraba), which resembled sea star in its shape, is only one kilometre away from the coast at the lowest of the islands and this distance expands at the highest tide of the sea and some 111 nautical miles (204 km) in the direction of 140 from Port Sudan, about 6 km long and the largest width of about 4 km away, are only a few kilometres south of Khor Nuarat, there are exotic caves on the island that are built in limestone coral reefs and do not know Reasons for their existence

Khor Nuarat

This is a coastal area, a bay in the form of a horseshoe, mediated by Abu Abbas, and named for a seasonal creek with this name, carrying Seoul rain from the mountains to pour into this area, with the trees of the tundra, musket, and marine plants resembling mangroves in the rainy season of winter. Area Khor Nuarat about 5 km from Agate Village, the dimensions of the Gulf of Nuarat are about 14 × 7 km and the dimensions of Abu Abbas are about 4.8 × 1.5 km, the most important landmarks in the Gulf of Nowarat, the island of Abu Abbas, which has a number of inhabitants with fresh wells and a shrine to Shaykh Abu Abbas (said to be Jalil) the presence of deer on the island, a large number of marine caves, deep-roofed ponds and, in general, this part of the coast can be a tourist area with a little thoughtful attention


Islands Tala tala

They are two islands named after the small and the big ones which are barren sandy islands, followed by a big(Tala tala )in the coordinate: 3809 East/1850 north and the small hills of 3800 S/1846 sh *, the two islands are about 7.5 nautical miles (14 km) * * and 69 m/b from Bor prevail in the direction of 134.3 degrees. These two islands are strategically located


Delta River barka and its surrounding

We must know that the River Pond (Khor Baraka) is the only river that pours into the Red Sea, a seasonal river flowing from the western highlands of Eritrea and the city of Toker lies near the river delta.We must also mention that the waters of Khor Baraka have changed very much on the nature of the coast, the mouth of the river and around it, where the mud islands abound. Fish stocks are also abundant for estuaries, such as shrimp, lobster, Kboria and others


The islands of Bar Musa and Sil Eda

The islands are off the coast, with white sands, clean water, diving sites and stunning coral reefs Also, Torrent is a global protectorate of distinctive and rare types of turtles that you visit annually to bleach under its sands


Marsa Ancafal

The anchorage of the Ancafal embodies the point of convergence of the towering mountains with sea level (zero), a beautiful and deep anchorage that requires navigation at night. Wary of the Abington Rock at the beginning of the entrance of the navigational corridor near the hidden coast beneath the surface at the tide. Sea and show a little when the carrots are in the faces of the lunar nights, the anchorage overlooks the beginning of the navigational corridor between the island of Streptococcus and Sahel the width of this navigational corridor leading to the city of (Muhammad gol) at Ancafal is about 4 miles/nautical towards ( 7.7 km) is approaching the coast, which is one of the highest peaks of the Red Sea mountain range

Marsa shanab

It is one of the most important anchors, which is likely to be the Islamic port of Aymelt, which the Muslims in the Muslim chest have crossed in their migration. For Africa, with ancient relics of Islamic connotations, which are closest to the region of the resurgence of Islam (Makkah and Medina)


Mahmya Jabal Elba

That lost tourist treasure is the most important feature of the Halaib triangle. Located in the south-east corner, rich in natural resources from different flora and fauna and minerals with ancient effects and abound near the coast, coastal marshes, mangroves and mangrove trees. The area of Mount Elba includes areas (Abrak and DIB) and one of the most famous monuments of this region (the archaeological Water Gateway), a unique tourist landmark unheard of by most of us